fts1 glass half full illustration3 BIGHow you choose to perceive situations affects your well-being. 

The power of positive thinking can help you live a happier, more productive life.

The quintessential question everyone associates with positive thinking is “Do you see the glass as half full or half empty?”  How do you perceive the glass?

Try fervently to be positive for a week and see if you feel any different.  Test it out to see if you become more satisfied with your daily life.  This article will discuss the various ways you can increase the positivity in your life.

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Give Gratitude

Instead of thinking “If I only had…” or “I would be happy if…,” give thanks for everything you do have.  Being grateful invites happiness into your life. Be grateful for what you have instead of always wanting more.

There are many effective ways to cultivate gratitude. One way is to make a list of five things that you are grateful for every day.  Maybe you are grateful for the extra cup of coffee your husband made for you, the 30 minute jog you went on during your lunch break or the time you had at the beach to watch the sunset.   Be aware of everything that added gusto to your day.

Make a vow to refrain from complaining about life’s ups and downs.  In place of complaining, try complimenting others. Making others feel good about themselves brings a positive vibe back to yourself.

Don’t only think positively, speak positively

The universe hears what you ask for but doesn’t pay attention to the negative form. For example, if you say “I don’t want to be stressed out,” the universe focuses on the words “stressed out.” Therefore, choose your words wisely so you do not feel more stress.  Focus your energy on the affirmative form to attract positive circumstances.  Saying “I am relaxed and calm” will help these feelings manifest.

Remember not to focus on the negative by sayings things like “I feel so sick” or “I am having a horrible day.” Instead, say things like, “I have a cold, but I am taking care of myself and feeling better” or “I may be dealing with a lot of issues today, but I can handle them.”

Using works like “always” and “never” do not allow for change in our lives.  Saying things like, “I am always tired” limits us from being able to feel energized.  Don’t exaggerate your feelings.  In this situation, stay positive by focusing your thoughts on how comfortably you will sleep tonight in your bed or how wonderful it will feel when you are able to hit the pillow later that night.

Be optimistic, it is contagious!

Surround yourself with positive people. People that complain all of the time wear you down.  Disassociate with all of the negative nellies in your life. These pessimistic people are noxious.  Surround yourself with those that build you up instead of those that drain your energy.

How do you find the right people?  Decide who makes you feel good about yourself.  Who are the people that support you? Who are the people that listen to you?  Who are the people that make you laugh and that you have fun with? Spending time with the wrong people will vitiate your life. However, the right people will add vitality and luster to your life.  Fill your day with smiles and laughter. When you are happy, you are nice and will spread your inner joy.

“If you can dream it, you can achieve it.”  — Zig Ziglar

The idea of visualizing what you want so that it becomes reality is key to accomplishing your goals.  Take a few minutes a day and visualize what you desire. Think about your dreams as if they are already a reality. For example, instead of thinking “I will be successful and find new clients,” you need to use the present tense and say “I am successful and I find new clients every day.”  Believe that your desires are already a reality.  We attract what we focus on.  We have the power to manifest what we long for.  Make these visualizations part of your quotidian activities, just like you take a shower or brush your teeth.   Don’t be apprehensive while visualizing your dreams.  Apprehension brings in negativity and you don’t need any of that.

Don’t worry about things that you cannot control

It is easy to get worked up about things you think might happen.  It is common to always take yourself to the worst case scenario.  Instead of worrying about what can go wrong, visualize what you want to happen. When we worry about things out of our control, we waste time and energy.   For example, if you have an outdoor party planned, instead of worrying about the weather, have a back-up plan.  If you are always worried about being lied to, guess what will happen. Someone will lie to you.  If you worry about how someone is going to treat you, take action and distance yourself from that person.  Be proactive instead of a being a worrywart.

Be silent

Take time to be silent. Clear your mind. While doing this, suppress any and all judgments. Do not compare yourself to others.  When someone you know gets a raise or a new car, instead of judging or comparing yourself to that person, be happy.

Being silent gives you time to reflect on your life and just be. We need to take time for ourselves and disconnect from the world. Try to find time to mediate. Even if you only can find the time to sit silently for 3 minutes a day, you will notice a difference.  Research some breathing techniques or mantras that can help slow you down in a chaotic world.

In conclusion, being positive will not only change your life, but also the lives of those around you.  Focus on all of the good and don’t dwell on things out of your control. Be a stickler for positivity.  Take this challenge for a week and use these ideas to guide you. Will actively being positive change your life?

♦ Comment question: Which would be the easiest ways for you to promote more positivity in your life? Which would be the most challenging ways? Leave your comments in the box below!

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